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Elevating Experiences

The story of transformation is reflected as the core element in the logo unit as a logo mark.

‘Elevating Experiences’ depicted as vibrant squares are the steps of transformation and growth towards a progressive future.

Truetech factor

The Highlighted ‘t’ blends in as part of wordmark and logo mark that holds the logo altogether with its unique proposition and placement on the logo unit.


The True Orange represents the roots and core values of Truetech Solutions.

The Elevated Pink represents the future, direction and the story of transformation and growth.

The Blue Base is the foundation which represents people


The Typeface used is Montserrat has its own history of transformation to a new and modern look that resonates with the transformation story of the brand

Elevating the Customer Work & Business Fulfilment Experiences through the Technology & IT Services we offer. Elevating the Career & Work Experiences of Employee. Elevating experiences of all other direct/indirect stakeholders through a profitable & sustainable business model.

Elevating the Human Experiences. Experience is for all humans and that is what anyone get from everything that passes-through in life. Experience is what we live for. Experience is at the heart of the human condition. It’s how we learn, it’s how we live, and how we define value. Humans retain more from an experience than from things. We learn from Experiences. We go through good & bad from the Experiences. We change/remain-same from Experiences. Direct emotional connect with the human life and always seen in a positive note.