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Nearshore Team, Product Engineering, Flexible Squad

Truetech is aggregated software development team that to solves the problem of finding software developers locally. We have helped a number of businesses create extended software development teams by utilising the nearshore development approach. Truetech uses the most efficient way of facing the challenges. Our offshore model has the advantage of being nearby to or having similar time zones to their parent company (8 hours or less).

The development of software can be completed more efficiently with concepts that are synchronised and communication is improved. The cooperation model is useful for long-term partnerships because it lets our clients build offshore team to maintain better control over the project and having the team adopt your organization’s values, methods, and goals.

The Truetech team experienced and has the necessary technical skills, and is a versatile group that can fit in with many cultures and work environments. Truetech offshore model provides high ROI & Low TCO along with other key benefits.

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It mostly involves gaining access to a larger pool of IT talent without sacrificing: